Free Meditation at Vivekananda House

Free Meditation at Vivekananda House

Duration: 2 hours / Difficulty: Easy

This trip is designed for those who are seeking solutions to their problems (Psychological, Wealth, Relationship, Education, Life Events, etc.) or Spiritual seekers who have several questions in mind. Spiritual Coach will take the guests through structured coaching and meditation to provide solution.

Highlights of trip

- Walk around Vivekanandha house, learning

- Meditation in a meditation hall where Vivekanandha stayed.

- Mind your mind 3D Movie

- Structured Spirituality Coaching and introduction to Sarvaroopa Meditation at Marina Beach

- Q and A session 

- Fee / Cost: Free.

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Coach profile: Mr. Chandrasekar is a Spiritual Coach, and a Meditation Trainer. He has a deep understanding of the human mind and spirituality, mastered various techniques, and has a wide range of knowledge in a different school of philosophies. (

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